We combine the knowledge of biogenealogy, Recall Healing, psychogenealogy, Biological Cell Cycle, bioenergotherapy with hypnotherapy, quantum healing hypnosis (Dolores Cannon method), karmic diagnosis  and spiritual techniques such as SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy).

In hypnotherapy we use an innovative method of using state of consciousness, which does not use the posthypnosis suggestions nor programming the subconscious. We use regressive, reincarnation and progressive hypnosis depending on your needs.

The psychogenealogy works on the client family tree  by finding patterns of behavior inherited from their ancestors. Finding and realize the legacy programs 'draw’ them from the subconscious to conscious level. This can result in immediate, positive changes. Knowing what we inherited from our  ancestors and  finding the root cause of our own problems simplifies and speeds up the transformation process.

For each client we choose the way of carrying out therapy and working with him on eliminating the root cause of the problem. The methods used depend on the availability and level of consciousness of the person who comes to our center. Each treatment is unique as each person is unique and has its own history, its own set of beliefs and way of thinking.

A detailed description of the methods in the „Methods”


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From a distance we conduct sessions of SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) – sampling of the subconscious mind and soul in order to discover and release hidden blocks of our health, happiness and spiritual growth. We locate blocks of the energy, and we cleaning them up. Deleted blocks and programs remove the negative patterns in the subconscious mind and soul records. In this way, the person quided so far by inharmonious beliefs and desires becomes free and can live up to his


highest spiritual potential. When the pattern is cleared,  all discordant energy carried with it disappears. This gives the opportunity to achieve the objectives and fulfill the aims of life.


We comply with the following rules:

-The client is ready to cooperate,

-Agrees to the proposed method,

-Work consists of locating and removing the root cause of problems and diseases,

-A client does not interrupt the official medical treatment.