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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy   [Dolores Cannon method QHHT]      Flaga PL 75

2012/08/12 Warsztaty QHHT Dolores Cannon WARSZAWA 4

This is a therapy which there could give a spontaneous healing. Within three-four hours of the healing session, depending on your needs, you can get answers to your questions, learn about the mission of life and change the habits / addictions. The session is recorded to mp3, the customer receives a copy via link sent by mail. The client is in a somnabulisctic trance.

For the session you should bring a list of questions.




An article on the method [for now Polish version only]

DOLORES CANNON – Artykuł autorski


Other information:

Dolores Cannon QHHT 8-12 sierpnia 2012

Dolores Cannon – Nagranie z wykładu w Warszawie 7 sierpnia 2012 [English with Polish translation]

Dolores Cannon BIOGRAFIA   [Polish only]

In English only – Practising the Dolores Cannon method:


2012/08/08 Wykład Dolores Cannon WARSZAWA



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