We invite people seeking inspiration in creating their own happiness toFlaga PL 75



LONDON, July 5, 2013

from 6pm to 9pm

led by

Dorota ZiembaMiłek

 Recall Healing  and Psychogenealogy Consultant
Quantum Healing Hypnosis therapist  [QHHT]
SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) Consultant


Review of the methods of self-healing of the body, the mind and the spirit. Basis of alternative methods of each level; energy, information, spiritual and physical. Knowledge and familiarity with tools for self-use, can release us from what seems to be our fate and can change our life incredibly fast!

The lecture is designed for the people interested in the latest findings of an independent science, enabling them to self-create their lives by applying this knowledge in conjunction with traditional meditation, visualization and breathing techniques.


During the course we present  the base knowledge and tools for the application of:

  • PSYCHOGENEALOGY unresolved conflicts of our ancestral inheritance
  • RECALL HEALING / TOTAL BIOLOGY the formation patterns of diseases, discovery of the root cause, specific examples (leukemia, allergies, 2012/07/19 Wykład w GWP -medytacja prowadzona przez Dorotę hypertension, heart disease and others)
  • BIOLOGICAL CELL CYCLE METHOD cyclicality of experienced traumas
  • THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF acc.to  Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • REMOVAL OF THE IMPACT  OF our parents traumas experienced before our conception, during our fetal period and from our family ordealsfrom our first months of life birth, ON OUR ENTIRE LIFE  specific examples
  • QUANTUM HEALING Hypnosis  Therapy QHHT by. DOLORES CANNON methods supplemented by Universe law
  • HUMAN DESIGN – the impact of the date, time and place of birth to our mental construction
  • closing THE WHEEL OF KARMA Spiritual Laws of the New World
  • practical use of  HEALING CODES
  • REMOVAL OF THE STRESS from everyday life   emotional  ‚hygiene’




The newest knowledge and its practical methods allows anyone to explore different methods of development and self-healing, in the field of alternative science, seemingly very distant from each other,  combined into one cohesive whole. Students will gain a basis for an informed choice of which area they want to use it on their way to the variety of their lives.


We live in very interesting times. We feel it in their everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. Most of us feel acceleration, the intensity of changes in our personal lives and we observe the re-evaluation of global systems as well.

2012/03 Wykład Doroty


The aim of the course is to educate participants that everything depends on them, that they have a free choice in achieving the best for their level of awareness and for their way  to create their reality. Creating Theirself. Their lives. Their happiness and health.


Once cleansed from what was independent of your will, what has so far seemed to be immutable’, you no longer lose your energy to fight with yuorself. Now you may direct your energy into healing and self-development in a direction that is most attractive to you.


There is no only one Way of Life, one reliable way of experiencing. What is good for one person may make the another unhappy!


The lecture presents the methods and its tools for internal integration. From a variety of schools and systems. From the laws that govern our biology, emerging slowly through the millennia of relationship between our experience and the body, diseases and randomaccidents. Through the interaction of the energy of our bodies with the


energies of our immediate environment, country, continent, Earth and Space. Until making contact with the most subtle energies.

Anyone can find the method that is best for him.

Viewing rights and mechanisms that occur between spiritual, information, energy, and physical dimensions acting impartially in our lives. Understanding these interdependencies allows participants to select the level from which they want to consciously create their reality of everyday life.


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Self- Investment: 

Lecture 20£

Workshops 199£

Individual Therapy 50£/h (average time of a session 3h) 

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